Why no English?

My initial language-processing neurological pathways were constructed around the scaffolding of symbols and sounds that are collectively known as the Afrikaans language. Yet, even before I went to school, while those same synaptic networks were still very pliable, I already had a couple of English friends. By now, thanks to many good teachers, I can think and communicate in both languages almost equally well.

At the conception of this blog, I found it quite hard to decide on which language it would be based. On the one hand, I feel that I can conjure up more vivid and colourful images and expressions (including a few amusing neologisms) when using Afrikaans. I mean, an expression like "little planet hopper" just does not have the same ring to it than "planeethoppertjie" does. On the other hand, I have many English speaking friends that do not understand Afrikaans.

This blog was initially aimed at providing some alternative, light-hearted amusement to friends (and, to whomever else finds it enjoyable, and while at the same time serving as a medium to share some fascinating discoveries that I have made, either from following scientific news, or from merely observing my environment). As such, I would have found it more pleasurable to make it accessible to all of them. But, as I considered all the factors, I could not ignore the multitudes of existing English blogs that already serve a similar purpose. I have very little time at my disposal (and so does my intended audience), so it is important to me that I don't become just another blogger with no significant value to add. I had to create something unique that could not be found elsewhere on the web. So, Afrikaans it had to be.

It is sad to me that many of my friends will never have the opportunity* to laugh at my creations and come along to play on far away, breathtaking worlds, unspoilt by evil human hands. But at least (I hope) this is not a dull blog. ;)

I do, however, believe that I may on specific occasions feel inclined to compose an English entry. This would mostly happen when I want to share knowledge or understanding about material that is not available in general on the web. I shall categorise such entries under the "English Posts" label, which you can find on the menu bar to the right.

* Even with the appearance of automated language translators, many of the underlying cultural nuances might not be recognised and therefore loose its comic effect.

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